Live-blogging marathon next week!

by Justin Souter on June 19, 2009

Quick post to say that I will be attending GameHorizon next week. I’ve pretty stoked because I’ve got a weak spot for the stuff around Virtual Worlds and other MMORPGs etc.

I’m also helping out with the Digital Transport event at Newcastle University next week – Where do you think you’re going…? Digital Transport for a Digital Britain.

As per previous events (Learning in Virtual Worlds, SXSW, Thinking Digital) I will be using Cover it Live. Check out this post for more details re the Uni event.

You should also be able to follow my live-blogging via RSS, and I will update this post on Monday with the more details re GH live-blogging details (run out of time today…).

UPDATE: Go to this page for the CIL sessions.

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