Justin in Virtual Worlds

by Justin Souter on June 19, 2009

I was thinking that my activities relating to Virtual Worlds are beginning to bear fruit, in that I can go to business development meetings with potential clients and be able to talk VWs with credibility.

I’m blowing my own trumpet here [er, I think that’s called Marketing – Ed.], but hopefully you will find the list of posts I’ve done on VWs useful:

This post from my personal blog has an amusing take on how much time people can spend in-world… ;-)

I’ve also uploaded photos from my times in-world to Flickr, which you can flick through below. n.b. the human character at the centre (in various guises) is Tandoorichicken Masala, my personal avatar; the fox-like ‘furry’ is Fujitsu Infinity, my work av when I was at Fujitsu.

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