Visit to D|Lab, Institute of Digital Innovation

by Justin Souter on June 10, 2009

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Philip McClenaghan and Dan Riley at D|Lab:

a multi-disciplinary team of designers, researchers and digital specialists located within the Institute of Digital Innovation (IDI) which, in addition to developing product and service innovations for a range of industry clients, works extensively with business partners wishing to explore the potential of virtual worlds on the internet.

It was a very interesting meeting, and good to get reinvigorated about Virtual Worlds etc.! :-)

From my notes, & as I understand it:

  • D|Lab is a commercial venture, and it is developing a next generation VW platform which they plan to release later this year
  • They created Meta-Mole as a comparative database of virtual worlds platforms
  • I think Dan mentioned this Frost & Sullivan report which quoted a 465% rise in productivity [would be great to get a link to this]
  • D|Lab is interested in being able to import CAD & 3ds Max files / diagrams
  • They also mentioned the move to more commercial applications for VWs, e.g. Twinity
  • We discussed who’s doing what with VWS in the Region
  • In terms of how D|Lab differentiates itself:
    • Strong R&D activities
    • Developing applications & technology for VWs
    • As well as VW builds etc.
  • Re Machinima
    • Dan was able to confirm that D|Lab is able to produce Machinima
    • We discussed Pixel Palace – this is the link to the Tyneside Event, although I can’t remember the names of the presenters
    • UPDATE: Bill Thompson has tweeted:

@justingsouter Moviestorm crew – Hugh Hancock and Johnnie Ingram – are the machinima dudes you are looking for :-)

  • Working together
    • The potential business opportunity is for me / SCL to act as an informed & impartial recommender for those interested in Virtual Worlds to builders like D|Lab.
    • Clearly, being able to articulate what VWs, why people should care, what the benefits are etc. would be my stock-in-trade.

And that’s it really. :-D

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