Barcamp North East 2 feedback #bcne2

by Justin Souter on June 5, 2009

This post is about my experience at the Barcamp held immediately after Thinking Digital, at the Centurion Bar in central Newcastle upon Tyne.

I didn’t know what to expect from the day, but I thought it would be interesting to go along and test-drive the whole experience.

I had a nebulous idea that Barcamps were a technical-person’s meet-up, and how wrong I was. Not that most weren’t technologists of some sort, but more that I became a barcamper myself – because of the atmosphere and approach prevalent throughout the day.

Cloud Computing preso

I thought I should get stuck in quickly, so delivered by Cloud Computing intro from Cloudcamp the other day:

I’m glad I was reasonably interactive & open, as my audience were respectful & very willing to give feedback, being knowledgeable about the subject – e.g. Ian Forrester and The Hodge.

Locked-In Syndrome Preso

I also put together the following presentation, on the day, about Locked-In syndrome:

I was chatting at the beginning of the day to Oli from bgroup, and thought maybe I could pitch my ideas to the audience, who were mainly software developers and / or web designers. fyi more info on the background is available from my personal Blog, Wellbanked.

I got some great feedback. I’m quoting it here pretty much verbatim, as I need to get this post posted! ;-)

  • Alex & Juliette Lewis – um, not sure about the context of this
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) – I think these are folk who could give money to fund some further research
  • Maybe some better software for the My Tobii?
  • What about magic glasses – gsma 08 in barcelona. Was this about Mobintech by any chance?
  • EmmaPersky – “Head Tracking for Virtual Reality without a Wiimote” 

Wash up

I left around teatime, with a buzz from the day. So, having not known what to expect, and having spent the day in the illustrious company of some folk I came to like and respect in equal measure.

I see that Herb Kim went along and was also very impressed:

@alistair thank you again for doing a great job of pulling BarCamp NorthEast 2 together. I really enjoyed it! #bcne2

So, on those positive notes, I take me leave for now. :-D

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