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by Justin Souter on May 28, 2009

A quick post re my thoughts about Thinking Digital. I’ve just filled out the feedback survey, and that is probably the better way to feed back…

Overall, I thought Herb & the Team did an amazing job. I met loads of great people and learned some fascinating new things.

I loved the mixture of sessions, music, and networking. I loved being inside whilst the rain lashed down outside, and not having to worry about it.

I loved the fact that Thinking Digital was a major success for the Region, and it’ll be bigger and better next year. W00t!

The following is a bit of a brain dump, so take with an appropriate pinch of salt.


  • Chandler Burr – both at dinner & in session
  • Meeting Matt Mason – I love his book and ideas
  • There were many others btw
  • Seeing so many other North Easterners there
  • Also meeting people at drinks before, breakfast session
  • The fact that it happened in the North east
  • Great feedback from those I spoke with – didn’t have to coach anyone, they were really positive
  • Swapping lots of business cards
    • I will probably be sending the ones I collected to Cloud Contacts for scanning
    • It’s then pretty straightforward to import them into Outlook (etc.)
  • Staying with my parents (who live in central Newcastle)
  • Also the fact I was part of it in advance (helping with Social Media etc.) and I felt I had a role introducing people / making the conference a success. :-D
  • There are others, but I want to post this :-s


  • A concern about Dan Lyons being a bit ‘ambushed’ by what he said on the Wednesday.

    • Maybe he was a bit naive or showing off
    • But perhaps it is worthwhile in future to make sure people know if / when they are going to be quoted
    • Would “Chatham House Rule” be, again, naive – given everyone blogs & tweets etc.?
  • Perhaps worthwhile introducing some more speed networking
  • Not long enough [steady! – Ed.]
    • It was great being at SXSW for 6 days
    • But many can’t spare the time out of the office
  • The AV in the Live Lounge was patchy; there needs to be someone on hand to get (and keep) it sorted

Um, so that’s it for now. Please let me know if I’ve left anything out, dissed anyone / thing. I’ve published a number of posts here and on Wellbanked recently, so editorial sense is suffering… :-(

UPDATE: Thinking Digital networking

Dodgy photo of me on the right… ;-)

Justin Souter & friends speednetworking

Photo credit to thinkingdigital

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