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by Justin Souter on May 19, 2009

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Herb for the shout and link to my live-blogs of Thinking Digital. :-D

For your convenience, this is the list of posts which have embedded Cover it Live sessions:

  1. Social Media Masterclass hosted by Stowe Boyd #TDC
  2. Session One: (Present at the Creation) #TDC
  3. Session Two: (Disturbing the Universe) #TDC – apologies to Curtis Wong, I thought Tara’s talk was the end of the session, and couldn’t fire up CiL again to cover Curtis… :$
  4. Session Three: (Thinking Digital) #TDC
  5. Session Four: (Stop Making Sense) #TDC
  6. Session Five: (Unconventional Wisdom) #TDC
  7. Session Six: (Content and it’s Discontents) #TDC
  8. Session Seven: (Thinking Post-Digital) #TDC

Please refer to the bottom of this post, SCL & Thinking Digital (including Live Blogging info) #TDC, which has further details of Cover It Live and how I have used this rather good tool in the past.

I’m just about to edit sessions 1 & 2, as I recall I used the session 2 Cover it Live instance for session 1 and vice-versa. Oops! ;$

btw, the titles have #tdc in them because I use Twitterfeed to pipe the titles through to Twitter. Also, check out this link for Twitter Search for instances of #tdc use.

UPDATE – right, I think the CiL sessions should match the blogs posts. :-D

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