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by Justin Souter on May 11, 2009


This post sets out the work I have been doing with CONNECT North East which, in its own words, is:

  •  “the newest branch of the highly successful CONNECT network, which brokers introductions between young technology companies and investors.
  • CONNECT North East’s role is to strengthen the links between the region’s young technology businesses and the people and organisations they need to know if they are going to attract investment and grow.
  • CONNECT North East facilitates introductions to encourage partnership working, joint ventures, knowledge transfer and financial investment.”

I have been working with John Sargent of The Ideas Mine, and Caroline Theobald of Bridge Club Limited to help them use Social Media to market the recent CONNECT North East Investing in a Secure Future conference, and better connect with their target market – i.e. early stage technology companies and start-ups.


Caroline Theobald of Bridge Club Limited said:

“We engaged Justin because we knew that some of the innovative companies that national government departments are interested in were more likely to respond to the conference’s networking opportunities if we made them accessible through their preferred media channels: ie blogs and tweets. 

New media is something that I know very little about – just appreciate it effectiveness – and so we invested in the services of an expert.  An experience that exceeded our expectations in terms of profile and user-group engagement.”*

In sum, I set up their blog, taught them how to use Twitter, and live-blogged at the Conference itself.


  • Set up on WordPress
  • Configuration of users and various widgets etc.
  • Creation of kick-off post
  • RSS / Syndication via Feedburner


  • Set up of CONNECT North East account
  • Installation of Twitter clients – e.g. Tweetdeck
  • Twitter widget on blog
  • Training about what Twitter is, how it can be used, and ‘encouragement’[!] for the new users ;-)


  • Live-blogging from the conference using Cover It Live
  • Video capture & interviewing of key conference stakeholders
  • Upload of presenters’ slides to Slideshare
  • Video editing & upload to YouTube

Social Media strategy

  • Advice on which platforms to use, e.g.:
  • Ongoing mentoring & (lightweight) technical support
  • Ambassador role, writing posts like this to indirectly highlight CONNECT North East activities
  • Guest blogging

Possible future activities

  • Set up of CONNECT North East-branded social network
  • Further advice, tweeting & blogging
  • Exploration of further tools for feedback & stakeholder engagement

If this is the sort of thing that you could benefit from, please use the Contact Form and get in touch!

*Disclosure: Caroline and I have lived together for nearly 8 years. But she’s totally objective, honest.

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