Virtual Worlds in Education – Keynote

by Justin Souter on April 21, 2009

The afternoon’s main presenation by Kate Boardman, with a very helpful exposition of how best to help those who come to you wanting to commission builds in Virtual Worlds.

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  • Peter_Miller

    My favourite RL replica sim is one of Mont St Michel. It's a shopping mall in part but so is the real one.

  • I said I have *one* copied building – the-instantly-recognisable-as Teesside-one, not a whole campus ;-) albeit with creative geography so my office has a nice sunset!
    Assisi &
    Prim rig is ANWR (94, 156, 40)

    Thanks for this – sounds like you heard pretty much what I thought I said, even perhaps expressed it more articulately.
    ps – @joe_librarian challenged me to get ecky thump in on price of alcohol ;-)

  • Peter & Kate – many thanks for your comments & feedback.

    A good day I think! Excellent to see what is happening and the momentum in the education sector. Now to take that into the private sector perhaps?

    Someone has been very busy with the Assisi build ;-)

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