Q&A session, summary to Learning in Virtual Worlds conference

by Justin Souter on April 21, 2009

Short question & answer session with John Kirriemuir, Kate Boardman, and Daniel Livingstone from Sloodle.

  • Peter_Miller

    Content can currently be moved to the teen grid but only, as I understand it, with avatars approved for and subsequently permanently located on the TG. Presumably this will change over the next 6-12 months.

    Gateway to the new adult continent already exists, ditto new viewers. Won't happen overnight but the process is close to starting.

    No personal experience of moving content between grids but tool called Second Inventory may assist (esp OpenSim grids). Other strategies exists, e.g. CopyBot technology, but this has been used to bypass IP previously and is frowned on (no personal experience again). Other option is to develop externally and port into SL etc.

    LL is remarkably profitable and on that basis SL is unlikely to disappear in the short-term though the company may well be sold at some stage.

    The potential for movement between virtual worlds makes the medium-term harder to predict. My hunch is that getting started in SL, if the resources exist, is still a better bet for HE than starting elsewhere, if only because of the size of the community and third-party content and tools.

    We are, however, still learning how best to exploit the potential of these environments (well, I am anyway).

  • Yes, I was that SLOODLE gent!
    Might adopt that as another nick name now :-)

  • Peter – great, this is excellent feedback / commentary. Many thanks!

  • Daniel – I've updated the post to reflect your feedback ;-)

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