Transatlantic Troubleshooting: Getting into Europe’s New Media Market

by Justin Souter on March 14, 2009

Live blogging session, flying the flag for the Brits (any other European peeps on the panel?)

  • Mike Butcher – TechCrunch
  • Mike Teasdale – Chinwag/Harvest Digital
  • Stewart Townsend – Sun Microsystems
  • Aleks Krotoski – Chinwag/UKTI
  • Nigel Eccles –

The European market with over 500 million citizens is an enormous single market, with the UK providing a natural first-step for US companies looking to expand East-wards. After all, we share (pretty much) the same language. Challenging economic times mean the search for lucrative new markets is more important than ever. Quiz the panel and discover what it’s like to do business in the UK and Europe, how to find partners, and stay gaffe-free. Get the skinny on the fast-moving tech, mobile and games scene. This panel is sponsored by Chinwag.

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