SXSW preparations

by Justin Souter on March 8, 2009

A post reflecting pretty much what it says in the title –  I’m trying to get my ducks in a row for SXSWi.

Key things have been:

  • Deciding what to pack
  • Getting the logistics sorted
  • Working out what I’ll be doing when I get there
  • Doing my best to fit in with Digital Mission
  • Sorting out my gadgets


Some useful links:

Although I shouldn’t pack too much as I may not have a chance to wear it, I’m taking a fair bit anyway. Also, although the weather can get into the 70’s, it can rain, so taking a brolly & waterproof top. The weather forecast seems pretty pants for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. :-(

Digital Mission

I’m planning to hook up with Digital Mission whilst I’m in Texas: Sam Michel of Chinwag (the DM organisers) has put a useful guide together.

There’s apparently a crowd of 100 or Brits out there, so should be a good chance to make new connections! :-D

Standard stuff I’ve got to take:

  • passport
  • visa into the States
  • Phone


I’m hoping to do some live blogging using CoverItLive, but it may turn out to be completely impractical for reasons of battery life, wireless coverage, being hung over – that sort of thing.


I’m also using Worldmate live, to track my itinerary on my blackberry. Vodafone have kindly helped me unlock my bb for use in the States, so I need to buy a PAYG sim card when I arrive.


Hopefully my bag of tricks should capture a whole load:

  • Venerable FujiFilm camera
  • Sony video camera
  • Blackberry camera


Leeanne at Codeworks has kindly been sorting out the logistics:

  • Out
    • I fly down to Heathrow tomorrow lunchtime via BA and stay at the Hilton (useful Hhonors points!)
    • Then fly at 0855 to Dallas Fort Worth on the 12th, and a connecting flight to Austin
    • I arrive around 5.40pm, and have organised a SuperShuttle ride into downtown Austin
  • There
    • Am staying at the Hilton Austin, right next to the Convention Center :-D
  • Back
    • Taking the SuperShuttle from the Hilton just after 1400 on the 18th, if anyone’s interested
    • Back via Dallas to Heathrow and Newcastle – arriving at lunchtime on the 19th, fingers crossed!


I will be available online where bandwidth allows:

That’s about it for now – otherwise I won’t get packed… :-s

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