Web 2.0 articles in bdaily #6 – Where

by Justin Souter on February 11, 2009


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“Web 2.0: The ‘Where’

With Justin Souter of Souter Consulting

Part 5 of a series of articles on the application of Web 2.0

Social Media and Web 2.0 is everywhere, even-of all places-The Daily Telegraph last Saturday!

Above all, it’s already happening: at the desk; on planes, trains & automobiles; at work and at home; in companies, the public sector, charities, and all kinds of self-help sites; in the centre and at the edges; and all sorts of places you probably wished never existed.

It’s happening on your intranet, internet site, extranet, and team site [slow down!, I hear you cry]. It’s happening in your computer room, data centre, and in the Cloud; on your phone, your laptop, your servers, and in your kid’s bedroom. It’s bringing people together within your organisation and without, to start ongoing conversations. In short, it’s rapidly becoming ubiquitous.

Sometimes people are saying nasty things on your website forums: but if they don’t have this outlet, they can start acting as a mob and impugn your reputation-perhaps by starting an online campaign. Better then to create a lightning rod of your own and engage with the mob to win it over?

You can help people at your ‘coalface’ conquer a reliance on over-developed spreadsheets by considering mashups – lightweight process-based applications which also integrate several data sources. They give the IT Department some say with what are uncontrolled / unsupported software development projects to help you work with the grain.

On a very practical note, the US military is now using virtual world technology to train members of its Armed Services about how to deal with Iraq. Similar worlds are also being used to simulate civil emergencies and healthcare scenarios, and treat paranoia, PSTD and children with severe learning and psychiatric disorders. N.b. local virtual world experts, Vector 76, have just gone live with a virtual rendition of Newcastle Gateshead’s Quayside area (Second Life client needed).

It’s not for everywhere though – it’s not much good your production line workers checking their mobile phones all the time for new friends on Facebook! OK, so this can all seem pure waffle – but as Gartner’s Hype Cycle predicts, there often comes a time where people find constructive uses for emerging technologies.

The point of this series of articles is to argue that the ‘Where’ is in your organisation, in your workplace. If not now, then soon. And also to propose that it’s better to start now, tinker and experiment, rather than ignore the benefits. Perhaps you can help our very own Twitchhiker in his quest, or find out in person at the Thinking Digital conference in May?

Editor’s note: when Justin has discussed the Six Honest Serving Men of Web 2.0, he’d like to address any topics which bdaily readers would like him to expand upon. If you’ve got any suggestions, please leave interactive feedback here or email bdaily.

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