Visit to Core Music, Hexham

by Justin Souter on February 11, 2009

This post is about a rather fab music resource close to me in the Tyne Valley.

Core MusicYou may have read my blog post about Tynedale Enterprise (TE). When I attended the TE meeting, there was a round of introductions, and I mentioned I had just set up my own business, and was looking for some reference-able work.

I met Pete Woods, a former policeman who is now focusing his community building skills closer to home – to the benefit of Core Music (which I’ll call CM).

According to the CM website: is a community based company where any profits made from delivering our services are reinvested in the community by providing more of our music based services to those who cannot afford to pay for them.

We are based in the beautiful market town of Hexham in Northumberland, UK. The main focus of our work is in the Tyne Valley area of Northumberland, but we are open to partnerships and collaborations with others who may work outside of this area or the UK.

Pete invited me down to CM to have a chat with Mike Coleman about how CM could harness Web 2.0: Mike has been the driving force behind CM.

Core Music has a shop, and ‘spaces for musicians and music’–people who want to access music, try things out, get involved, become more hands on—the focus being on people and a person-centric approach.

We did a tour of the premises, and I learned about the building’s history as part of the leather trade. CM is something of a hidden gem, as there are rehearsal rooms, recording equipment, and a rather nice-looking bass guitar – something I’ve always wanted to learn. ;-)

In short, if you’re musical or want to get into music, then CM want to help you.

There are a number of workshops on offer, with practice rooms and teaching also available. There is a mixture of musical styles, including folk, Northumbrian pipes, ukulele, mountain dulcimer, also African drumming.

They have recording projects, including a weekly show for Tynedale fm, also helping a local writer record radio dramas. Mike stressed that CM is about doing stuff, rather than just hanging out for the sake of it.

Mike and Pete are keen to see volunteers gaining skills, and to create a hub for events and bands that can play in them – a ‘clearing house for talent’.

What they feel they’re missing is around using web 2.0 technology to communicate and interact with their audience, both those people who know about them already—and those people who may be interested to hear about them in future.

They are building up contacts in the music community – teachers, young bands, volunteers, also selling CDs and instruments. They’d like to advertise upcoming events and feel they’ve got a strong brand, but need to ‘keep the message out there’ and ‘two-way conversational’.

CM started with a bang in the Hexham Courant, but there is a need to keep up the intensity. If you can help CM, please comment below!

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