Web 2.0 articles in bdaily #5 – How

by Justin Souter on February 4, 2009

n.b. This was originally published on bdaily. Also, I originally titled last week’s blog post ‘How’, when it should have been ‘When’ – doh!

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“Web 2.0: The ‘How’

With Justin Souter of Souter Consulting

Part 4 of a series of articles on the application of Web 2.0

Detailed instructions about how to ‘do Web 2.0’ wouldn’t be right-mainly because it’d take several books to explain. Although it reads rather like a shopping list, I hope you find these business-level thoughts useful!

Proceed with caution, and definitely ensure a process is in place to include sign-off from your boss and your marketing / PR Dept. No-one likes surprises, and your initiative will probably die as a result.

Once you’re decided to go ahead with a Web 2.0 or Social Media initiative, keep an open mind.  There’s no one correct way, and you’ll learn as you go along – think “create more than you capture“, and you won’t go far wrong.

Web technologies like Adobe Flash are established technologies, as are RSS readers, but the daddy of SaaS-Cloud computing-is still cutting edge, and the ground-rules are being created. Caveat emptor.

Books like Groundswell provide a robust framework for executing your social media initiatives. Experts like Dion Hinchcliffe relay their experience of using Web 2.0 in the field.

To paraphrase Groundswell, interacting with people online needs to be thought through, and there needs to be a strategy: by deciding what you’re trying to achieve, you will be able to link your activities with your organisation’s goals.  On top of that, it helps to match the tools you use to the demographic you’re targeting – horses for courses and all that!

Start small, and go step by step. Perhaps set up an internal blog – consider creating some posts but not making the blog itself public at first. You might set up a Twitter account using an alias – although authenticity is vital in this sphere. N.b. you may find that someone else is already using your name or falsely commenting on your behalf.

Be prepared for Web 2.0 to change your organisation. Not only will Web 2.0 draw external stakeholders closer to you, it will also change relationships internally.

Traditional ‘top-down’ is now being complemented by bottom up, so learn how to channel that energy in a positive way, rather than shutting it out – as per Facebook. It’s coming whether you like it or not.

We are only now realising how Web 2.0 will affect things. The only way for you to find out is by doing it. Of course, should you want someone to guide you along the way, please contact us.

Editor’s note: when Justin has discussed the Six Honest Serving Men of Web 2.0, he’d like to address any topics which bdaily readers would like him to expand upon. If you’ve got any suggestions, please leave interactive feedback here or email bdaily.”


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