Tynedale Enterprise

by Justin Souter on February 2, 2009

This post is about a network of people & organisations in the northern part of the Tyne Valley, and is based in Hexham:

“We are a community based group dedicated to supporting and encouraging economic growth and activity within Tynedale.

Our basic principle is that the future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination and resources of its people.”

I recently attended an information session about what Tynedale Enterprise (TE) does: more details about their activities are here.

Roger Wilson briefed us about the ‘structure of the Project’:

  • Tynedale Enterprise follows the path set out by Ernesto Sirolli and his team
  • It’s about ‘people realising their dreams’
  • Roger gave some examples where Ernesto had worked with folk:
    • In Africa, to stop Hippopotami eating the tomatoes the locals had been growing
    • In Australia, to help the locals in Fremantle make shoes the Italian way, and create a living for themselves
    • In Esperance, Australia – to help the local tuna fishermen [I’ve got my fingers crossed they were doing this in a sustainable way…]
  • In order to be successful, TE must co-operate with the local community, using the community’s resources to help one another.

My notes suggest that the way it works locally is:

  • There is a Board of interested parties, which runs TE
  • Mark Read is the Enteprise Facilitator
  • Mark presents the monthly Board meeting a list of organisations which need assistance
  • The Board recommends people it know about, and Mark passes contact details back to the ‘needing’ organisations
  • Apparently there is a list of 300 or so ‘assisting’ organisations
    • N.b. the words ‘needing’ and ‘assisting’ are mine…

Apparently TE is funded by the Northern Rock Foundation, One North East, and various local Authorities / Councils.

Ned and Linda attended the meeting, as part of TE’s work towards becoming accredited practioners of the Sirolli Institute [um, I think that’s what it’s called]. Ned stated:

Enterprise facilitation creates sustainable businesses;

After 5 years, 70-80% of businesses using Sirolli are still going

It’s a people-centred approach, rather than business focused

I hope to be working with Mark as soon as I’ve got my head around the SCL Business Plan.

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