Peter Arnold: Newcastle Science City

by Justin Souter on January 28, 2009

Newcastle Science City A post on the Bridge Club event I went to last night. Peter Arnold was having a ‘conversation’ with Caroline Theobald, followed by a Q&A session.

Peter’s profile is titled “Key Appointment made to lead Newcastle Science City forward”, and from listening to the conversation, and talking with Peter afterwards, I’d agree.

I have blagged the copy from the Science City website to shortcut my waffle:

Newcastle Science City aims to capitalise on the world-class scientific research being conducted in Newcastle for the economic and social benefit of the City and the region, and to create an environment that enables science and business to work together effectively. We do this by:

  • Investing in and developing Newcastle’s scientific research base (people, projects, facilities);
  • Developing science and innovation-led sites in Newcastle and in particular the former Scottish and Newcastle brewery site;
  • Actively promoting awareness and encouraging participation in science related subjects in secondary and higher education;
  • Encouraging activities to facilitate the commercial exploitation of scientific research by ensuring that tailored specialist business support services are available to scientists, science and technology entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses

Already over £100m has been invested in Newcastle Science City related projects, demonstrating our commitment to making Newcastle a 21st Century City of Science.”

The excitement for me was to start thinking again about the way technology can support the innovation process, and it was good to meet folk like Nick & David from Innovation Scout.

It harked back to reading ‘Wikinomics’, and the stuff in there about open innovation etc. There’s also a fit with Web 2.0 with the crowdsourcing tip.

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