SCL: Ready for business!

by Justin Souter on January 26, 2009

If you’re thinking of getting in contact with SCL, I thought it would be helpful to set out where Souter Consulting Limited has got to:

  • SCL formally established on 16th December 2008
  • Public liability & personal insurance now in place
  • Bank account etc. now set up and running
  • Marketing
  • Collateral
    • Case Studies as per the website
    • A proposal and work breakdown structure that can be re-used in a number of different settings
  • To do
    • Complete the work I’m doing with Digital City Business on my business plan
    • Get my sales strategy sorted out, including
      • Being more focused on the customer
      • Package up what I can do so people can buy them / buy into them
    • Marketing
      • Sort out my elevator pitch etc.
      • SCL presentation, so that it’s about solving Customer problems.
    • References
    • And so much more [sounds like a 1980’s advert – Ed.]

I’ve also been investigating some pro bono work to assist some non-profit organisations and generate some happy customers — and thereby reference material!

STOP PRESS: Over the weekend I have contributed to a bid — my part being how the solution might involve online collaboration. The wheels begin to turn! :-)


Open for business

Photo credit to mhofstrand

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