Twitter: splitting business and personal

by Justin Souter on January 22, 2009

My Twitter Class of '08

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I have previously posted about splitting out business and personal memes for blogging.

I have decided to experiment with splitting my contributions on Twitter in the same way.

In anticipation of this, I created an SCL twitter account a few weeks back, to go along with my personal one. Up ‘til now, I’ve only been piping my blog posts through to the former.

I sense that the wide-ranging mixture of information I am tweeting – i.e. with maybe a low ‘signal to noise ratio’ means I may be losing followers.

So, I will be ramping up use of souterconsults, and tweeting more on the business, Web 2.0 and work-related side of things through that account.

I will continue to use the existing justingsouter account for the majority of my tweeting, and will report back as appropriate.

On a similar note, I have moved my Friendfeed* from SCL homepage to a page called ‘Lifestream’ (nod to Neville Hobson for the idea).

I had had feedback that the sorts of stuff that were appearing on my SCL homepage were inappropriate for a work context.

*fyi, I have aggregated by RSS feeds through Friendfeed, viz:

Feedback, as always, gratefully received!

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