From a blog to a website

by Justin Souter on January 12, 2009

A post saying that the Souter Consulting Limited website will soon have a homepage and be more of a website, rather than simply being a blog.

websitesasgraphsImage of courtesy of websitesasgraphs – date as per this post

I’ve had some useful feedback about this site that it needs to be more focused on solving business problems, rather than just being a blog.

Therefore, I’m putting together a static homepage, which will comprise:

  • Potential questions about what you, as a Customer, are seeking answers to
  • How SCL can help answer / respond to those questions
  • What to do next

Actions speak louder than words, so I’m putting the homepage together asap, hopefully this week.

I am in the process of sharpening up my marketing / sales messages – so any feedback is gratefullly received!

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