Series of Web 2.0 articles in bdaily

by Justin Souter on January 7, 2009

Web 2.0 by Daniel F. Pigatto.

Photo credit to Daniel F. Pigatto

If you follow my Twitterstream, you’ll have seen I’m putting together a series of articles on Web 2.0.

Today, the first one is published, via bdaily’s e-mail and web channels.

I will be re-publishing the articles on this blog, and putting a summary page on the top-right so that you can find the articles more easily.

They are my personal take on the whole shooting match, and are designed to aid and inform, so please don’t flame me!

That said, I’d love to get your constructive feedback, so please fire it over to me via a comment below, or the contact form.

web 2.0 is web 0.0 future

Photo credit to Will Lion

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