Lengthen how long your Blackberry rings for

by Justin Souter on January 5, 2009

BlackBerry Bold 9000

Photo credit to Dushaun

I tweeted last week about a blog post I’d found which suggests how to get your Blackberry to ring a little longer than the too short default setting.

This is because I also can’t find any way to change the Blackberry Bold config. itself, which is a bit odd – it was a straightforward setting on all the Nokias I have used in the past.

However, Caroline reported that the code I’d used meant that calls were not going through to voicemail, so I thought I’d post what I’ve found out subsequently.

I spoke with a very helpful lady from UK Vodafone over the weekend, and I understand that the code is:


You put this code into the phone applet, characters and all, and then press the green ‘send’ button. You should get a message back from the network.

N.b. the voicemail number is different from your mobile number. Voicemail format is [e.g.] +447978123456 – i.e. include the +44 at the beginning, and knock off the initial zero.

Also fyi the 30 at the end is the length of time for the phone to ring before it goes to voicemail – in seconds. I believe you can increment it down in 5 second intervals (e.g. replace 30 with 20 if you want 20 seconds before ring out).

I found my own voicemail number on my Bold by going into:

Phone applet | Options | Call Forwarding | Forward Unanswered Calls

Hope this helps! If not, please leave a message below – thanks!

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