Belated write-up of TaaD event – ‘Social media: beyond the hype’

November 20, 2009
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A recap of this event, with photos and the presentations (where possible). Intro “Your Honour, being conscious that it’s a while since the ‘Social media: beyond the hype’ event at the end of October, I’d like to plead in mitigation that I’ve had a couple of bouts of ‘flu since then, and a broadband cut-off […]

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Social Media strategy – Vignette-stylee

November 11, 2009

Intro I used to work at a systems integrator, as part of their Knowledge Management practice, and then latterly as a business consultant in their Information Management practice. Vignette was a name that always came up in discussions about web content management, and so it’s interesting to see that it was bought by OpenText this […]

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TaaD event – Social media: beyond the hype

October 26, 2009

Introduction Quick plug for this event by organised by Codeworks Connect this coming Thursday. As credited by Herb Kim at the recent TEDxNewcastle, I am helping to ‘produce’ the evening – i.e. Herb and the team were kind enough to adopt my rough concept for the evening – and organise it! :-D Aims (from my […]

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Technology can empower the ‘have nots’: thoughts for a Monday

October 19, 2009

First one Well, for this section: it’s the thoughts of Richard Holway, eminent tech industry analyst: Roaming (By Richard Holway Saturday 17th Oct 09) Back in 2003, I introduced my ‘Martini Moment’ theme – basically the ultimate aim was to be able to access the internet ‘anyplace, anytime and from any device’. Since then I […]

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Social Media for Accountants – the real thing

October 16, 2009

Intro To recap: Proposed by RMT, to present at DFK UK & Ireland Annual Conference. This year, it was held in Troon, right next to the golf course. Schoolboy error on my part meant that I forgot to pack my clubs and go up early enough to get a round in – doh! The presentation […]

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Byte Night 09 – the sleepover @ The BALTIC

October 6, 2009

A write-up of the combined exploits of Byte Night 09 North East. At last it has arrived! I have to admit to being a bit apprehensive before the event. I had done some prep – as documented here and here. But I was a bit in the dark about what was happen, so really wanted […]

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Byte Night #3

September 28, 2009

The latest enthralling instalment of my preparations for Byte Night in NewcastleGateshead on October 2nd. Tent & dry run Somewhat embarrasingly, when I tried out the tent & sleeping bag on Friday night, I managed an hour or so and felt a bit odd, so came in to a nice warm bed. Mmm, perhaps sleeping […]

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Social Media for Accountants – the sequel

September 28, 2009

Intro Quick post to say I’ve re-hashed this presentation, based on feedback from: Dennis Howlett here & here Phil Richards Emily Coltman Katy McCarthy of Chantrey Vellacott DFK Stephen Slater and Matt Flinders from RMT Basically it was too long and too detailed. Please take a look and suggest any improvements you might think of. […]

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Byte Night update #2

September 23, 2009

Hello folks, I’m thrilled to be able to say that (at the time of writing) I’ve nearly reached 2/3rds of my initial fund-raising target of £500. I’ve also got some cheques coming in, so the fund-raising continues! :-D I’m really happy about this, but am keen to collect as much money as possible. [The widget […]

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Excellent Social Media case studies by Ron Ploof

September 21, 2009

High recommended reading to see how large companies are using Social Media. Enjoy! Social Media and PR The Ranger Station Fire Johnson & Johnson does New Media Johnson &Johnson Case Study – Social Media Technorati Tags: social media,pr,business,useful,fascinating,case studies,lessons learned This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike license.

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