ThinkBalm releases its premier Immersive Internet report

by Justin Souter on December 17, 2008

web-banner-904x160306 I realise it’s lazy to post someone else’s material, but I figure Erica Driver at ThinkBalm wouldn’t mind the plug for her new Company.

I’m a big believer in the possibilities of virtual worlds / the immersive internet, and wanted to do my own little bit to push things along.

The Executive Summary of their new report, states:

“The Immersive Internet is a collection of emerging technologies combined with a social culture that has roots in gaming and virtual worlds. Virtual worlds and campuses, immersive learning simulations, serious games, and three-dimensional (3D) business applications deeply engross the user and give people experiences that are perceived as real even though they take place virtually. Properly implemented, this technology promises to uncover previously unheard-of dimensions in engagement, which will in turn increase workforce collaboration, effectiveness, and retention. When the Immersive Internet is used with the extended enterprise, it will have similar positive impacts on customer, partner, and supplier relationships.”

Final paragraph of the Exec Summary reads:

Long term, think of the Immersive Internet as an area of strategic investment that enables transformation of the way we work as well as business model innovation. The Immersive Internet allows organizations to connect more deeply with customers, partners, and suppliers. It enables business leaders to nourish and harvest human creativity and increase workforce and customer engagement. Ultimately, organizations will go far beyond the seven use cases we outline here and the Immersive Internet will become part of everyday life.

My plan is to be surfing the wave she and her husband Sam describe. :-)

Check out the report for yourself here.

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