Please help me choose a business bank

by Justin Souter on December 8, 2008

L.A. Bank Robbery

Photo credit to Colin Brown

I attended a rather good course on Friday, run by FinanceTree and called Managing Money – which was mainly about cashflow management.

A chap from RBS / NatWest give the class an idea of how Banks view this area, and their attitude towards business banking right now.

I need to set up a business bank account myself in the near future, and wondered whether you might be able to suggest the best provider?

I don’t think a web-based virtual bank will really cut it – I expect to need a bit of hand-holding, and I was pointed to the big retail banks.

I believe a number of banks offer free banking deals for new accounts, but would like your feedback on:

  • Banking charges
  • Customer service
  • Attitude to helping small businesses
  • Your experience to date
  • Any gotchas / things to watch out for…

Many thanks in advance!

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