Embedding video on this blog – experiment

by Justin Souter on December 8, 2008

Morning all! Rather than ask everyone what they think the best video site is, I thought I’d have a play myself. :-)

I took the clip below with my Blackberry a couple of weeks back – just over 60 seconds of rough footage. The test has a number of different aspects:

  • Will the sites accept 3gp files? [All 5 did]
  • What is the experience uploading and adding a title, tags etc. like (i.e. the usability of the site)?
  • How easy is it to embed the video in a blog post?
  • What do the clip look like when posted to the different sites?

I’ve used the following sites (the links go directly to the video online), with initial impressions as the sub-bullet point:

  • Blip.tv
    • Probably the best for showing off video as art – a certain clinical feel to it (both good & bad)
  • Flickr
    • Not as good as the competition
  • Viddler
    • Can’t understand why I signed up for this, it looks pretty ordinary
  • Vimeo (favourite of Joi Ito)
    • My favourite as a business tool – overall experience seems best
  • YouTube
    • Tainted by mainstream status, not really keen on look and feel

btw, apologies if you’re not on broadband – you probably won’t be able to pick up all the embedded content below… :-s

*Anyway, please let me know what you think – preferably in the comments below.

Blip TV




Icelandic choir at the (old) Gateshead Town Hall from Justin Souter on Vimeo.


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