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by Justin Souter on November 12, 2008

  • Webjam is the solution of choice for local communities, interest groups, charities, fan clubs and families who want to easily connect online and share content in a controlled and safe environment.

    Webjam allows you to give a sense of purpose to your online connections and create a relevant and personalised presence for your groups and communities

  • This illustrates the practical implications of a large following on Twitter. In addition, of course, there is the sheer vanity of amassing more followers than your friends. The question, “How do I get more followers on Twitter?” is unspoken because admitting that you want more followers is to acknowledge that you don’t have many. Thus, you probably don’t need this advice, but you may “have a friend” who will find it useful.
  • If you do want to find out who’s unfollowing you, then you should head to Qwitter. Qwitter not only helps you in letting you know who unfollowed you, but also tells you after which tweet did your followers decide to unfollow. This might give the user an idea as to why the follower has decided to unfollow.
  • To grow big, sponges need essential nutrients, including carbon, nitrogen and other metabolites. These are provided by smaller organisms such as algae and cyanobacteria, with which the sponges have a symbiotic relationship.

    But these smaller organisms need light to survive. Because of this they usually live on the outside of sponges.

    In 1994, however, researchers discovered that algae sometimes do live deep within the bodies of sponges, creating a mystery as to how they survive there. The answer, as Brummer's team has now confirmed, is that they live off light beamed down to them.

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