Gillian Taylforth meets the Groundswell

by Justin Souter on November 10, 2008

And Frank Butcher as well!

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I have in front of me a copy of Woman’s Own [best link I could find], dated 10 November 2008 – 87p.*

Specifically, the inside back page features a column called “Gillian – welcome to my World!”. It continues “She’s smart, surprising, & straight-talking”. The Gillian concerned is Gillian Taylforth, who older readers may recall has a colourful personal life.

For me, the take-away is that with a smart manager, and a fair bit of guts, you can work with the media and be a success (instead of suing it).

The reason I was thinking of this is because I have started reading Groundswell, a book about Social Media – written by two analysts at Forrester Research [ok, Charlene’s now left…]. They define the Groundswell as:

“A social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations.”

I was reading a vignette about how trying to work against the Groundswell doesn’t work — but learning about it, embracing it, and working with it — does.

The reason for the comparison is that it struck me that perhaps the mastering Social Media isn’t rocket science after all, and there are parallels in other parts of the Media.

I was also thinking that the recent Ross & Brand fiasco at the BBC could also be a good example where an organisation didn’t ‘get it’, and suffered as a result.

I.e. [I think] everyone was able to listen again (via the BBC website) to the offending clip and become properly steamed up, even though they hadn’t thought to listen to the original show.

I’m assuming that many then went online and expressed their displeasure in online forums, and used the BBC website to complain.

From what I’ve read, the speed and ferocity of the Public’s [delayed] reaction surprised the Beeb, who thought the ‘fuss’ would blow over. Roo Reynolds to the rescue!?

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* A nice lady of the plane gave me her copy – She was the other side of the aisle, and I was cheekily looking over her shoulder… :$

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