Rozmic – a Cloud success story

by Justin Souter on October 29, 2008

A laptop, somewhere in Ireland

A note to recount my visit to Ross & Helen at Rozmic on Tuesday afternoon.

Their main offering is scanning your e-mail for viruses, spam, etc., and cleaning it before it reaches your mail servers. Apparently this has been a consistently good seller, for understandable reasons.

In the past, their business growth has been constrained by the ability to get sufficient hardware to satisfy customers, a sort of chicken-and-egg situation – given they can’t provide a service to customers without it.

However, it appears that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has given Rozmic a major boost and kick-started their growth.

Using computing power provided by Cloud computing, Rozmic is able to provide e-mail scanning without its own hardware. Rozmic is also using Flexiscale as failover – AWS has suffered some service outages recently.

The only downside to this is that, over the medium term, it is cheaper to buy and run one’s own hardware.

However, because using AWS and Flexiscale gives Rozmicdue to Another upside is that using Cloud computing has given Rozmic the flexibility to buy hardware on a strategic, and not tactical basis.

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