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by Justin Souter on October 24, 2008

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A note regarding my first piece of consultancy, in my brave new world!

Yesterday afternoon I visited the good people of Animmersion, [in their own words] a "professional visualisation studio" in Middlesbrough. They are affiliated with DigitalCity, having started as graduate business at the Teesside University.

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  • “Animmersion UK Ltd are specialists in applying 3D computer graphics in a variety of industries including architecture, engineering, manufacturing and the arts.
  • Our services include the creation of rich 3D animation, interactive web 3D, multi-functional 3D Flash content, large scale images for print and even Second Life worlds! We also offer consultancy in the application and management of visual digital media.
  • With our passion, creativity and technical ability we deliver visual content specific to your requirements that will engage and enthuse.”

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I became aware of them during a demonstration of their Surgical Training Tool – a sort of computer game ("Serious Game", in the lingo) which gives surgeons the chance to practice procedures. The demo showed us the various steps needed to perform an appendectomy – amazing!

[N.b. the demo was organised by the North East Region of the RSA].

We’d agreed beforehand to think about how Web 2.0 / Social Media could help Animmersion boost their marketing effort. They were also interested in finding out how to measure the impact of whatever they did.

This was an opportunity for me to formalise my existing knowledge, and also to find out more about measurement through a customer request.

I think it’s fair to say it was a successful session. One of their people is familiar with tools like Facebook, having promoted the band he plays for, there.

Much of what I send chimed with his own experience, and he’s happy to take away some ideas about blogging and micro-blogging, and have a bit play. I will following up in 3 weeks or so.

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