Hello everyone. And Welcome!

by Justin Souter on October 22, 2008

Hello Everyone xoxo

Photo credit to Elizabeth Dunn

Thank you for stopping by my new site. :-D

I intend to use this blog to:

  • Plug my new ventures
  • Comment on Web 2.0 and Social Media issues
  • Tell a story about the life of what will shortly be Souter Consulting Limited

I will continue to post to my personal blog, but felt it was important to separate out work issues to avoid confusion!

Please bear in mind that I’m new to WordPress, and therefore expect the look-and-feel and functionality to evolve as I master the platform.

I realise that I’m using the default WordPress theme, but I’m going to leave it until I’ve got a theme I’m happy with. Personal faves at the moment:

That said, I will be concentrating on content, rather than bells and whistles – hopefully I can resist the temptation to fiddle. :-/

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