Arjuna Agility: another report from The Cloud

December 19, 2008

Some pipes last week. Last Friday I met with Steve Caughey of Arjuna Technologies. We know each other through Codeworks Connect, of which he is the incoming Chairman. I wanted to understand what they do, as my understanding was they were involved in Cloud computing in some way. Arjuna are presently in their third incarnation, […]

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ThinkBalm releases its premier Immersive Internet report

December 17, 2008

I realise it’s lazy to post someone else’s material, but I figure Erica Driver at ThinkBalm wouldn’t mind the plug for her new Company. I’m a big believer in the possibilities of virtual worlds / the immersive internet, and wanted to do my own little bit to push things along. The Executive Summary of their […]

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How Business and Enterprise North East plans to share information

December 15, 2008

I recently attended a Bridge Club event, where Caroline Theobald had one of her ‘conversations’ with Alastair MacColl, boss of Business & Enterprise North East Ltd (I’m going to foreshorten them to BE-NE here). BE-NE are best known for running Business Link in the North East of England, but have other strings to their corporate […]

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Please help me choose a business bank

December 8, 2008

Photo credit to Colin Brown I attended a rather good course on Friday, run by FinanceTree and called Managing Money – which was mainly about cashflow management. A chap from RBS / NatWest give the class an idea of how Banks view this area, and their attitude towards business banking right now. I need to […]

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Embedding video on this blog – experiment

December 8, 2008

Morning all! Rather than ask everyone what they think the best video site is, I thought I’d have a play myself. :-) I took the clip below with my Blackberry a couple of weeks back – just over 60 seconds of rough footage. The test has a number of different aspects: Will the sites accept […]

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Using podcasts to help students prepare for GCSE

December 1, 2008

[Disclosure: one of the founders of GSCEPod is a mate & mountain-biking buddy of mine, so I have heard about their story so far etc. whilst out in the fresh air of Northumberland. With that in mind, I still think they are on to something here!] Today I would like to draw your attention to […]

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Souter Consulting Ltd. presentation

November 24, 2008

Picture credit to Hugh Macleod Quick note to let you know I have posted a presentation here [deck being updated (as of 29/03/10)], “giving some background to Souter Consulting Limited, and explaining what SCL offers, and will be doing going forward.” As ever, please post a comment below, or send me feedback via this form. […]

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Please review my Case Studies

November 20, 2008

Hi folks I’m working on stuff that will help persuade people to buy my services. One piece of this jigsaw is a set of case studies – effectively they are extended descriptions from the assignments in my CV. The case studies typically have a: Description List of activities List of how I made a difference […]

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Delicious blog posting

November 19, 2008

A quick note to say that I’ve been experimenting with having Delicious post my links from the previous day to this blog (e.g.). I’ve decided it would be better to have these links on my personal blog, so until I port Wellbanked over to WordPress, it’ll have to wait! btw, I’ve thinking of using the […]

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Making Social Media an acceptable work activity #1

November 18, 2008

Photo credit to Will Lion I attended a Partners4Business seminar last week, called “How to use Social Networking to grow your business“*. During the presentation, we had a number of discussions. One of them involved a practical example, where another attendee gave an example of the power of online opinions: He and his wife wanted […]

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