Souter Consulting – business improvement from Lean Innovation

  • Justin SouterWant to be more innovative and entrepreneurial?

  • Want to turn ideas into products & services and more effectively create new revenue streams?

  • Seeking to be more commercial and future-proofed?*

I can help – through workshops, consultancy, and coaching / mentoring. [Read what other people are saying about my work]

My hypothesis is that most organisations would like to be more successful in bringing products and services to market via a straightforward innovation process. I think Lean Startup can really help do this.

I spent nearly ten years as a business consultant in enterprise IT. Now, I work with Clients to harness the Lean Startup framework to create growth, innovation, and greater agility. Co-creating with startups and corporates, we strive to increase their chances of success and make effective decisions ‘in-flight’.

I’ve always loved ideas – having ideas myself, and now empowering others make the most of theirs. Together we figure out ways to make great things happen.

Read about: case studies | *more Innovation challenges | how you can benefit – if you’re a startup; or an established organisation (cf Lean Innovation) | people I work withmy work historyLean Startup resources.

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